How about with the shelter participants in Temptation Island?

ee6cd9d11d3f4b1521349ef95e49b59d - How about with the shelter participants in Temptation Island?

Temptation Island was this week intense. Certainly for the people involved. But what about psychological care? The Morning sought it out. During the screening of the candidates, there is a psychologist present, that the psychotherapist who travels to Thailand reports about all the candidates and possible areas of concerns. “The opinion of that psychologist is determining, an executive producer of Temptation Island anonymous know. “We already have candidates that we like to had cast should be deleted because we have a negative opinion received from the psychologist. At that moment the well-being of those people for the promise of juicy tv, that’s the deal.” Once in Thailand, the candidates according to FIVE day and night and rely on psychological support. They can indicate that they need help, but also the production manager can the alarm at the pull when noticing that one of the participants assistance can use. Also during the dreaded kampvuurmoment, when the couples images of their adulterous partner, the psychotherapist present, says FIVE.

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