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Historical performance of Lukaku: Red Devil round magic mark of 100 goals

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Romelu Lukaku has his 100th Premier League goal scored. The Red Devil was against Swansea, for the 15th time this season the road to the nets, good for the punishment record. The striker of Manchester United is also the 5th youngest player who manages to get 100 goals in the English league. Michael Owen was the youngest of 23 years and 134 days, followed by Robbie Fowler, Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane.

In 2011, Chelsea Lukaku to the Premier League. After a season mainly nail biting on the bench and in the stand he went he was still contracted to West Bromwich Albion, where he has his account opened. He put 17 against the nets on 35 parties to The Baggies, including a hattrick against Manchester United. West Brom played as 5-5 right in the afscheidsmatch of one Sir Alex Ferguson.

The season after put Lukaku one step higher, but even at Everton he found blindly the way to goal. With 15 goals in 31 parties he does not disappoint. The season ‘14-15’ was the least productive of the last six years. In 36 parties knew Lukaku ‘but’ 10 time to take. But that made the rush hour in the two seasons after that good. The Toffees had the Red Devil, meanwhile, is definitively taken over from Chelsea and that seemed to be a liberating way to work, because Lukaku scored 18 and 25 times. Last season he had the topschuttersstand but narrowly beaten by Harry Kane.

Lukaku had proved himself and was ready for the step up. Manchester United explained to 85 million euros on the table. Despite the criticism, he is sitting this season already on 15 goals. And the striker is not only a finisher. In 216 Premier League games, he was good for 41 assists. In his entire pro career played Lukaku 297 official duels, in which he 140 times scored and 55 assists.


11/12 Chelsea: 0 goals and 1 assist

12/13 West Bromwich Albion: 17 goals and 7 assists

13/14 Everton : 15 goals and 8 assists

14/15 Everton: score 10 goals and 5 assists

15/16 Everton: 18 goals and 7 assists

16/17 Everton: 25 goals and 6 assists

17/18 Manchester United: 15 goals and 7 assists

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