Gert Verhulst: ‘Staggered to her room on fire’

a4043f54eec9fa8a1c6b29182d478073 - Gert Verhulst: 'Staggered to her room on fire'

Saturday, Gert Verhulst and his daughter Marie to be a guest on Ann Van Elsen in The Family Van Elsen on Joe. Gert told openly about his private life, so also about his strange morning ritual.

Ann wondered where Marie and her dad always awake should make: “Gosh, I don’t do that. But then for tea, probably. He has a coffee machine next to his bed,” well-known Marie all smiling. “That is the first thing I do when I wake up: drink coffee”, went to Gert further. “Afterwards, I turn the tv on, and I look at winterbeelden. Then I can see if there is snow in Flachau. And it also happens that Dr. Phil comes on the tv. With a cup, that is the ideal way to wake up.”

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