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Finally thuiszege for Lokeren

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Lokeren posted tonight, the first thuiszege in three months after a boring soccer match against STVV: 1-0. Maric made from the dot is the only goal of the match after a cheap penalty. Ref Put, the goal of Cevallos than again, incorrectly. Play-off 2 a party?

Lokeren coach Peter Maes could not rely on Killian Overmeire. The captain hurt himself last week at training. In goal was Ortwin The Wolf the preference on Davino Verhulst. Flankverdedigers Tracy Mpati and Stefano Marzo, during the regular competition on the sensitive topics were left out get hooked up, at the start of Play-off 2 a second chance. STVV-coach Jonas De Roeck sent the expected eleven on the field. Attacker Yohan Boli was missing because of disciplinary reasons.

“Voetbalplezier experience and results”, that wanted Peter Maes in Play-off 2. But that voetbalplezier was tonight not much to notice. This was the tempo with both teams far too low. A typical PO2-match, so to speak. Fortunately, we got in the first half yet what kansjes to see. In the openingsminuten went to Lokeren, looking to an early lead. First could Hupperts a tight ball of Marzo is not in purpose of extend. A moment later, The Knight his header not in the direction of purpose deviëren. STVV on the other hand could only have been nose to the window stitches after fumbling at Lokeren.

Still, the home team the most dangerous team. The Sutter could be a low rod of The Knight is not in purpose of extend, Hupperts was on the second pole are followed, but that popped from a sharp angle in the zijnet. Way chance. Suddenly, however, a stir. In the absence of this-chances are tried to Sart it but from a distance. His attempt to burst apart on the crossbar. The revival sailed the spectacular half-bicycle kick from Gueye slightly next to the goal. Bad luck for STVV.


Ref Pit decided to Lokeren, but a helping hand. Ceballos slipped away in the sixteen, however, be the ref to the dot. Just up the alley of Mijat Maric. The Swiss defender did not fail and brought Lokeren the lead. On the stroke of rest doubled Cevallos the lead with a tinder-dry volley in the square. Ref Put, the goal is undeserved for handplay. But what turned out to be not Cevallos, but defender Kitsiou touched the ball with the hand. For each team a gift so, should the ref Put have thought.

Who after peace better than expected, was disappointed. The second half was even weaker than the first. We were mainly a festival of bad passes and controls. On the hour had coach De Roeck seen enough and he performed a double switch. On a corner, came Lokeren egg so after a double lead but Hupperts was surprised to get the ball into the goal to extend.

Afterwards, threatened to STVV with a few dangerous crosses, but goalkeeper The Wolf was in the air. The few pace was now completely out of the match gone. Both teams dragged themselves to the end of the match. Goals were not more. Lokeren post his first home win in three months.

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