Fans enjoy the premiere Uncle Jef & The Lost Son

A lot of enthusiastic fans of the legendary Flemish sitcom “Uncle Jeff” went Friday night to the Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp for the festive premiere of “Uncle Jef & the lost son”. They were reuzebenieuwd to the new theateravonturen of the campine farmer Uncle Jef, played by Ivo Pauwels and the starring Luc Verhoeven, Linda Knight, Brik Van Dyck, director Dirk Lavrysen , Patrick Onzia and Diana More. It was the kick-off for a period of three weeks in Theater Elckerlyc, followed by a tour through Flanders from 21 april to 31 may.

Who remembers the successful Flemish sitcom “Uncle Jeff” in the second half of the 90s on our television screen to see who was on? The comedy series about a farmer in retirement, “Uncle Jeff” was a real crowd pleaser and there were more than 175 episodes of made. Of Flemish cult spoken… In 2016 was “Uncle Jef” one of the most successful second life in the Theater Elckerlyc, and then on tour throughout Flanders. After “Uncle Jef is sitting in the rumbling” crawled Brik Van Dyck in his pen at the request of producer Theatertainment. The result is “Uncle Jef & the lost son”. Dirk Lavrysen directs this piece in which we the return of Izzy witnessed. And yes, actor Luc Verhoeven of the party! “Uncle Jef & the lost son” is from the 30th march 2018 to see in the Theater Elckerlyc to Antwerp. There follows a tour through Flanders from 21 april to 31 may 2018.

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