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Eupen saves in slotminuut still a point against Beerschot Wilrijk

477e618f720de8ea0a22710d38a66271 - Eupen saves in slotminuut still a point against Beerschot Wilrijk

Beerschot Wilrijk on the first match day of Play off 2, just not the full loot can pick up on a visit to Eupen. The inhabitants of antwerp were twice ahead against Eupen, but in the extra time kicked Luis Garcia free-kick in extremis delicious.

With Issame Charai that the suspended Marc Brys at the bank replaced, began Beerschot Wilrijk with a new team. Losada, Messoudi and Placca were not on the scheidsrechtersblad, while Yesterday on the bank started. Jacques Zoua made his debut and also Diarra and Octavio came to the kick-off.

During the first quarter was the game pretty balanced up and down. Both teams try to care to play football at a fairly high pace, but it was Beerschot Wilrijk that for the most of threat caused. First, there was a shot of De Jonghe which goalkeeper Van Crombrugge little effort. A moment later Van Hyfte from left sharp in front of goal, which Loties hit the ball almost into his own goal processed. Beerschot Wilrijk continued to insist. After bad uitverdedigen of Eupen fell on the ball for the foot of the detached Van Hyfte Of Crombrugge with a shot into the far corner to win Beerschot Wilrijk on lead brought.


With an excellent Maes and Stupid for the defense was the team difficult to a chance. So could Eupen only for any threat made by high balls for the purpose to drop, where goalkeeper Romo and especially Prychynenko or council. Meanwhile remained the guests are technically cared for football on the mat. When Van den Bergh a beautiful diagonal ball sent to François, missed that first shot. In a second attempt could Of Crombrugge with difficulty in a corner handle. Even central defender Prychynenko went to for. He operated Octavio that the tip of the shoe just next to the goal decided.

Eupen tried the game to win, but really dangerous was the home team until just before the break when Van den Bergh sloppy in the foot of Ocansey played. Diarra defended attentive and the ball disappeared into a corner. The ball fell to the edge of the penalty area to the foot of Raspentino who took a chance and in one time to aim shot. Between a forest of legs week, and the ball and disappeared in addition to Romo and the pole in goal. Thus one could rest with a 1-1 standings on the board.

Lie in wait on the counterattack

The second half started with a great opportunity for Raspentino to indicate Leye, but he missed. Eupen brought Garcia and Beerschot Wilrijk exchanged a certainly not disappointing and useful Zoua for Mbombo. Jimmy De Jonghe was injured. Eupen pulled now the initiative more. Romo could be with a handsome reflex Okansey of close to a goal. Beerschot Wilrijk lay more on the counter-attack. That paid off when, after a collective attack, Octavio appropriate support and Maes is 1-2 on the board said. In injury time gave Garcia after a violation of Essikal via a vrijschop central to the goal for the equalizer.

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