Dogs Cesar Millan chasing a burglar away

913e8ee788b169855a4978c2c220ef74 - Dogs Cesar Millan chasing a burglar away

Cesar Millan has a better security at home than the most sophisticated alarm systems. His dogs have, in fact, Thursday night a break-in thwarted, as appears from camera images.

Sources around the police leave it to TMZ to know that a intruders the door of Cesar’s unlocked car was opened and there, an iPhone, sunglasses and a garage door opener barn. Only the fiance of the well-known hondenfluisteraar, Jahira Dar, was at home and found out Friday morning that there are a number of things from the car were gone.

Later on, the camera footage shows that the thief, the garage door opened, likely to have access to the house, and a not so warm welcome received by multiple ’polly’ of the Previous one. The dogs have the uninvited guest then chased away.

The bandit is there with a booty worth over 1300 dollars gone away and is still wanted by the police. It is not the first time that there is a break-in is done at the house of Cesar. In the summer of 2017 had crooks more luck and they have for hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry stolen.

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