Court opens investigation into Mark Demesmaeker

dc404fb5bc4e5303eec9db432287b149 - Court opens investigation into Mark Demesmaeker

The court has Mep and former VTM News presenter Mark Demesmaeker in the visor. The public prosecutor’s office of Halle-Vilvoorde is investigating whether the former newsreader and driving force behind the program Green Fingers to the criminal law continues for a tax case, according to some sources, up to 540.000 euro. That writes het Nieuwsblad. Everything would revolve around the sale of a house, that Demesmaeker back in Herfelingen. Part of it was as a private residence, is considered but also the company, in which he tv business had brought together, had a home. That would be in the sale made have to have a capital gains tax, but there would not be all according to the booklet have expired. The treasury has tapped Demesmaeker on the fingers and explained to him all fines, now wants to know if he has tried himself in a fraudulent unable to do so, he required amounts did not have to pay.

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