Clown Bassie months in a rehabilitation center after complications surgery

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Bas van Toor, better known as clown Bassie, staying for months in a rehabilitation center because there after surgery on his carotid artery complications occurred.

That reports The Telegraph.

“Bass got after that surgery, a sudden thickening in his throat and the airways and the esophagus were disconnected and he almost choked,” says brother Aad van Toor, who is in the children’s series Bassie en Adriaan , the role of acrobats performed.

“At a given moment, he could hardly independent breathing. The situation to get worse in the weeks that followed, and eventually, he in January, he was transferred to the rehabilitation centre.”

Aad (75) scared pretty of the condition of his seven-year older brother. “I’ve never been so touched to see you. He has the death in the eyes examined.”

Rehabilitation center

The expectation is that Bassie is still quite a while in the rehabilitation centre should continue. He keeps suffer from complications and is careful to convalesce.

“It’s really dribs and drabs, but he is confident that he is going to save. He may have no solid food. This is why Bass feeding in order not to break. Mentally, he is still able to be on his toes,” says Aad.

It is not the first time that the clown of the well-known duo Bassie and Adriaan are a long time in the barn. In 2016 he was struck by an autoimmune disease in which paralysis occurred. After months of intensive therapy, the restored Bass and he was allowed to return home to live with his wife Coby.

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