Bus crashes in Germany; driver dead and twenty wounded

MUNICH – By a collision between a tourist bus and a truck in the German state of Bavaria, is a dead cases and were approximately twenty people injured. The broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk reported that the bus from Belgium. The fallen man is the driver of the bus. Four injured are in bad shape. Among them is the co-driver. They are with a helicopter to the hospital.

Shortly before midnight, rode the bus of a Belgian company on the A3 at Weibersbrunn on top of a glass-loaded truck. According to the German police noticed the driver of the bus, the truck is late, and could not evade. The driver of the truck was unharmed. The bus with about forty passengers on the way to Austria.

By the accident remained on the A3 all night in both directions closed. At a quarter to eight in the morning, the way was again released.

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