Big farewell to Stephen Hawking

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In Cambridge, a farewell service held for Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist, who, on 14 march died. In the Great St Mary’s Church were many celebrities present, including Eddie Redmayne, and Brian May.

Redmayne, Hawking, played in the film The Theory of Everything, had a special role during the service, so know the Daily Mail. He read from the Bible, Ecclesiastes 3, verses 1 to 11. Despite the fact that Hawking was known as an atheist, chose his family for a church service, so that all of his friends got the chance to say goodbye.

Also model Lily Cole and actress Felicity Jones were at the farewell present. Outside there were many people waiting. When the coffin containing the body of Hawking, the church was broken, there was a loud applause, so reports the British newspaper.

The axis of Hawking will be laid to rest in Westminster Abbey. His remains come near the grave of fellow scientist Isaac Newton (1643-1727), the man that gravity scientific words brought.

Felicity Jones and her husband Charles Guard

Eddie Redmayne

Brian May and Anita Dobson

Lily Cole

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