Ben Cramer (71) six hours under the knife for new heart valve

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Singer Ben Cramer (71) in march had surgery because he has a new aortic valve is needed. The singer is currently recovering.

The singer, known for The Clown, please let The Telegraph know that the surgery at the University Medical Center six hours passed.

“The renewal of the valve, it was just a time to happen before more serious complaints would arise. That’s where you want them to think. The doctor said I there just in time.’”

Cramer noticed that he for some time suffered from shortness of breath. “That was at one point very annoying and extreme. The crazy thing is that I’m at a gig no problems. You get in a different way breath.”


The singer was afraid for the surgery, he confesses. “Because you’re still a day older, it is such a surgery best spicy. The doctors warn you. There are risks that you do not wake up.”

Currently Cramer on the rebound, which in any event still six weeks will take. “Only about a half a year, they can say whether the operation actually has an effect. My calendar is currently released, but as of mid-may, I want to go again occur.”

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