Agent USA dismissed for killing black man in 2016

77578248ead328313a740f3bb415ef37 - Agent USA dismissed for killing black man in 2016

BATON ROUGE – A white police officer from Louisiana is Friday dismissed because of the shooting of a black man in 2016 in Baton Rouge. Another agent was suspended for his involvement in the death of this Alton Sterling.

The police chief of Baton Rouge, Murphy, Paul, announces the dismissal of the agent in Alton Sterling in 2016 death shot.

The fired agent alleged that he lost his temper and does not comply with the korpsregels loved. The measure of the sheriff’s department is remarkable, because just this week said the attorney general of the state of Louisiana that the two agents not be prosecuted because their actions were justified.

The deadly shots of the police were, in 2016, the beginning of a fierce debate in the United States about police brutality against blacks. Sterling was armed.

The past few days, there was a lot of fuss in America about a similar action in which an unarmed black man six times by the police in his back was shot and died.

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