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Actor Frank Aendenboom died

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The Flemish actor Frank Aendenboom is in the night of 30 on 31 march unexpectedly died in his sleep. Reports that his granddaughter Saturday night. He was 76 years old.

Aendenboom is known for his roles in the jeugdreeksen ‘Johan and the Alverman (1965) and ‘Dirk van Haveskerke’ (1978), but more recently he was seen in ” Lili and Marleen (1994-2010), the ‘Matryoshka dolls’ (2005) and ‘Crimi Clowns’ (2012).

In addition, he appeared in more than forty films, including ‘The lion of Flanders’ (1985), ‘Hector’ (1987) and ‘Frits & Freddy (2010). In september 2014 he announced that he would stop with acting.

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