‘Younes eye-to-eye with Italian mafiosi’

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Napoli sounded Ajax attacker Amin Younes initially as music in the ears, for the Neapolitans performed at the end of January the league table of Serie A, the outlined salary was large and old-team-mate Arek Owned it to his liking.

Amin Younes is speeding away at Vitessenaar Fankaty Dabo.

After the medical examination in Rome reported the intended acquisition themselves with a Napoli scarf around his neck and a big smile in the port city. But then he would, so it sounded, by a concurrence of circumstances blankly be startled.

Naples would he but an impoverished city have found and his state of mind would have deteriorated, when Younes pure coincidence from the car eye-to-eye would not have been with Italian mafiosi. Snapped according to the German itself (said to others) is also something, when the club’s affairs rosy turned out to have proposed than they actually were.

World cup dream apart

Younes counted on time after a phone interview with coach Maurizio Sarri and talks with the sports director of Napoli. “I have a good feeling that I was coming half a year minutes can make, and my place in the world cup selection of Germany can secure,” said Younes, 26 January on these sports pages. In Naples arrived would Sarri the Lebanese German in a personal conversation, a very different story is told. Namely, that Younes at Napoli a half years could acclimatize, because he had not yet needed. The German saw his world cup dream burst.

He exploded once again when he with a contract of Napoli in the pocket of the other agents heard that Borussia Mönchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund and Hamburger SV he had to want to buy. Furthermore, it would Younes only when the signs are confronted with the obligation that he had to do his imagerechten. Angry at everything and everyone left Younes races to Amsterdam.

Read the entire reconstruction of the soap around Amin Younes in the premium edition of The Telegraaf/Telesport on Friday 30 march.


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