Widow of the shooter ‘Orlando’ acquitted

fdec9d2d39b6905eb03885090e67c3f4 - Widow of the shooter 'Orlando' acquitted

SAN FRANCISCO – The widow of the American shooter that 49 people doodschoot in a night club in Florida, go unpunished. A jury ruled that the 31-year-old Noor Salman is not guilty of the support of her husband in the preparation of the attack and thwart the investigation into the massacre in Orlando.

Omar Mateen

Salman had lifelong can get. The local WKMG-TV news that her hands were shaking before the verdict was read. The defense had argued that the shooter, Omar Mateen no reason for his wife to confide in about his plans, because he is not respected and they are,extremist ideology” is not shared.

The massacre in homonachtclub Pulse was considered at the time as the deadliest shooting incident in the recent history of the United States. That tragic “record” was killed after just one year. At that time, 58 dead, when a man from his hotel room opened fire on concert-goers in Las Vegas.

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