Veganiste cheers for the death of terreurslachtoffer and gets conditional sentence

A French veganiste that on Facebook the death of a terreurslachtoffer in the supermarket of the Lower goedpraatte, seven months conditional imprisonment.

“Well, it shocks you that a murderer is killed by a terrorist? Not me, I have zero pity for him. There is still righteousness!’

A French veganiste from Saint-Gaudens has published its unsalted opinion on Facebook over the death of Christian, a butcher who was killed during the terrorist attack in the supermarket Super U in Trèbes. The man, who has for many years in the supermarket worked, was immediately shot down when the perpetrator is the property invaded, and people kidnapped.

That the man is a butcher, this means according to the veganiste that he was a murderer and so shot should be by a terrorist.

The French slagersbond did report it to the police, who are investigating the case. The woman is now convicted for condoning terrorism, and has a contingent term of imprisonment of seven months. They would be excused in the family members of the terreurslachtoffer.

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