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Vandoorne: “for now I keep focus on F1”

bf30125a498c9ffefdb09592d6f82eb3 - Vandoorne: "for now I keep focus on F1"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne began a week ago in his second season in Formula 1. Then the focus will, according to Vandoorne also remain, though there are also interests in addition to the Formula 1.

With a ninth place finish at the GP of Australia captured Vandoorne during the first race, also his first points of the new F1 season. Knowing that there are still quite a few updates for his car to follow, and knowing that McLaren is now much better able to battle in the middle of the F1, Vandoorne particularly motivated to do during this F1-season continued successes to pursue.

Progressing in the coming races, that is the goal. The focus is on Vandoorne this season is completely on Formula 1, this is in contrast to team-mate Fernando Alonso, who are the F1-season combines with the World Endurance Championship.

However, there is also the temptation for Vandoorne to its activities in Formula 1 to combine with other races, this to the example of Alonso. So Vandoorne is that he would like to participate in the Bathurst 1000.

“Bathurst is a very cool race. I have a few friends who raced, we will see what the future brings,” said Vandoorne this week. “However, it is not something that I currently really hard look.”

“My focus remains 100 percent on the Formula 1, and that is tremendously important when you success want books in the F1. Formula 1 is my main goal.”

This year will be Vandoorne doesn’t have to participate in the Bathurst 1000, the race conflicts with the F1 race in Japan.

“We will see what opportunities there are in the future. If it fits, why not?” decided Vandoorne.

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