Urbane makes first animated film

15ec94b1e86a68ed4e028bc31025b2f7 - Urbane makes first animated film

The Belgian comedian Urbanus is working on his first animated film. According to Belgian media, the cinema, The Vuilnisheld is called, at the beginning of next year in premiere.

The film comes from the popular comic book series about Urban that the comedian for more than thirty years, with artist Willy Linthout. There appeared up to now more than 175 albums, of which ten million copies were sold.

The Belgian comedian will voice his own character speaking; in addition, in the film, including actors Sven De Ridde and Frances Lefebure to hear. The animation is directed by Vincent Bal.

In The Vuilnisheld close to the residents of Tollembeek, the place of residence of Urbanus and his drawn alter-ergo, a lucrative deal with a shady Russian who, against substantial payment-hazardous waste in the city landfill. Urban is a strong supporter of the deal, because he finally got an engagement ring for Miss Pussy can buy.

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