Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 13

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It appears there is currently quite a bit of new music, and drawing themselves in the Ultratop 50 Flanders. Disappeared this week to a whopping seven singles from the scene. That is the case for Steracteur Sterartiest Michiel De Meyer and “Shoulder”, Bobby Prince “Say not farewell, my treasure”, Bart Herman, and “Dear Lona”, “as If you’re beside me” by Ida de Nijs, Steamboat, and “Nothing could break”, Connie Neefs with “Waiting for my daughter” and “You live deep in me” from Molly & Bandit.

The “Spring” is in the country and Sasha & Davy get in on 47. Steve Tielens brings us “To the ” seventh heaven” at 44. Lindsay has her “True love” found at 43. The “Smartphone” of Bart Peeters stands at 42. 37 is for Lisa del Bo and 2018, according to her, “A good year for the roses”. Get Ready! covered successful “I don’t know how to” Benny Neyman and it brings them to no avail because, at 35. Wim Soutaer brought with Affiliated just a new album and on 27, we see his newest single “Take me by the hand” and end up.

The top 10 starts with “Who I am” to Kim Dejonghe. The sympathetic Zonnebeekse was last week at 11. “Bam!” goes from 10 to 9, more words doesn ‘t Hof van Commerce here, not dirt. Barbara Dex and “Where shall I go without you” is stuck on 8. The “Tall trees” by Karen Damen to catch this week a little too much wind, as she flies backwards from 4 to 7. “Kifesh” of the SLM, in contrast, has the wind in the sails, because this single climbs from 13 to 6. Of 7 to 5 jumps Jan Paternoster with its “Chef of the peloton”. One place loss, to 4 is there for Yevgueni and “Never go anywhere”. “This miracle,” by Dana Winner climbs from 5 to 3. 2 remains just as last week, Niels Destadsbader and “Conquer me”. Eleven weeks, that is the beautiful result that Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert can be presented with “Yet” as number 1!

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