Trump is considering to soon depart from Syria

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WEST PALM BEACH – President Donald Trump wants, according to two senior government officials an early departure of American troops from Syria, so he has to have advisors let them know.

President Donald J. Trump

Prior to the easter weekend, which he spent in his country house in Palm Beach ( Florida), Trump Thursday in a meeting with advisors in Richfield (Ohio) said the security about to want to contribute to countries in the region. He referred to the victories of the allies on fighters of the Islamic State and said as soon as possible for Syria to want to leave.

“We go back to our own country where we belong, where we want to be,” said Trump as according to the anonymous officials. About the measures is, however, still speaking with his advisers. Some have Trump inter alia, recommended that a limited portion of the American troops for some years in Syria, to leave, to a large Iranian influence to prevent.

In Syria, some 2000 American troops are stationed.

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