Trump counts his citizens

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The government of Donald Trump, is suspected of the decennial census to abuse for political purposes: to Make America White Again.

Every ten years the inhabitants of the United States is counted. The results of the census are fascinating for kwissers, demographers and scientists of all kinds. So, we know for example that they …

Every ten years the inhabitants of the United States is counted. The results of the census are fascinating for kwissers, demographers and scientists of all kinds. So, we know for example that in 2010 with 308.745.538 were and that is a growth of 9.7 percent compared to 2000. And that 6 percent of New Yorkers under the age of five years.

Nice to know. But the collected data also forms the basis for very important political decisions. The people count is not an innocent pastime.

In the course of the centuries, – the first census dates back to 1790 – is the formulation of the questions repeatedly adapted to new insights and sensitivities about, for example, race and ethnicity. The questionnaire is also becoming increasingly longer. In 2020, the government wants-Trump is still a question, attaching: “Are you an American citizen?’


In Belgian eyes, this seems an obvious question. But in the US she has huge social and political consequences. She is not made since the 1950’s. The new questionnaire, which yesterday was published, called also fierce opposition from the most diverse corner of mayors on advocates of the rights of immigrants to scientists.

The critics fear that the additional demand, the quality of the censusgegevens will plummet because people without paper, they will not dare to answer. The government would then be free to know accurately where the ‘illegals’ to stay. The law prohibits the Census Bureau for names and addresses to other public services. But fear is sufficient for the suspicion against the volkstellers to feed.

Now, suspect the magazine The Atlantic, is the much less detailed information from the American Community Survey used for the large-scale raids. That Survey asks the question, but is only a sample. The image remains slightly blurry, while the census is razor sharp on every street inzoemt.

Abuse, although illegal, is not to exclude. Homeland Security asked and got after the terrorist attacks of 2001, district by district, data on Arab Americans. During the Second world War, when Japanese Americans on a large scale were interned, went to the Census Bureau on questions of the government.

Money and power

The census is used to make grants to distribute. When people without papers are not count, they count also, therefore, not more. For the cities where they reside, that would be a financial strain on us.

In addition to the money, political power allocated on the basis of the census. The number of representatives that a state, to the House of Delegates may send depends on the number of inhabitants. The number of votes in the Electoral that the president appoints, also. States with a lot of non-citizens threaten so power to lose. And these are exactly the states where Donald Trump in 2016 lost.

The governments of 14 federal states, on the initiative of California is already on the decision for the court to challenge it. Also the black burgerrechtenorganisatie Naacp, attracted to the court. Maybe it breaks down the census of 2020, however, the record of that of 1980 which 54 processes were instituted.

Xavier Becerra, the minister of Justice of the Golden State, argues that the question of citizenship is unconstitutional is because they the correct execution of the census prevents. And the constitution commands the federal government for the population count – extrapolation with computer models are not allowed.


The federal law also provides that electoral districts every ten years to be redrawn on the basis of the total population in the state, not on the basis of the number of citizens. So, this issue is also the fight over ‘gerrymandering’, the redefining of electoral districts to a specific electoral result, which is currently being dealt with by the Supreme court.

Is it merely coincidence, or maybe it’s just a matter of stupidity, that the government-Trump, who question the citizenship added? No way. The right side has been playing a long time with the idea. She sees it as an ideal instrument for the survival of the conservative white majority to stretch – against the demographic changes.

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