Tijl Beckand is father

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Tijl Beckand and his girlfriend Markell Helmann get together to have a baby. That tells the tv personality to RTL.

Tijl Beckand

Whether a boy or a girl, added, know, Style, not yet and that he may also not so necessary to know, ” he says. His girlfriend is currently four months pregnant. According to RTL, his Style, his two daughters, who are very enthusiastic about the news: “Now I finally get a brother or sister who I can bully,” says the daughter of Style.

In 2012, it was Style for the first-time father of Fiene, the 7-year-old daughter of him and his ex-wife, Nicolette, who also all daughter, Bente, who is now 12. At the beginning of last year separated Beckand of his wife, after it became known that he for six years was having an affair with his current girlfriend.

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