This year no HOME to-day but a season finale on a big screen

105c485ca76092f4babe25e043b2d114 - This year no HOME to-day but a season finale on a big screen

On Thursday, June 14, brings Home viewers for the season finale. Each year the season finale of Home massively viewed. This year will be no different, but for the first time in the history of the popular One-soap is the season ended on a Thursday evening and large screens showing. The football world cup time. the final a day and that gives One, and the creators of Home the opportunity for a new Home to create an experience: on a big screen viewers together for the exciting eindaflevering.

On June 14, wants One everyone together for the screen. Not only in the living room, but also in the local club, school, youth group, after work or at the pub. One creates three large screens in town squares across the whole of Flanders, where fans in suspense, together, can look.
The Home-makers see the world cup as a rewarding opportunity. Producer Hans Rays: “This year ensures the availability of the big screens for the world cup to ensure that we publieksevent about an other bow, can throw: we bring people not just one location along it, but three major squares and with expansion in the whole of Flanders.” From 19 hours, viewers can descend on Antwerp Plantinkaai, coach park), Hasselt (Kolonel Dusartplein) and Kortrijk (Schouwburgplein). The Home-cast looks together with them ahead of the finale and talk after the double episode after with the viewers. Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

“The magic of look at it together”
It is not the first time that the Home is on large screens to broadcast. On Rock Werchter 2015 could festival-goers the finale on the big screen, to the pleasure of many faithful at-Home viewers. The same year, were also pop-up at Home-tents are organized, where actors and viewers together in an episode experienced. “We know that our viewers that time together want to experience and in that way we give them that chance”, says Hans-Rays.

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