This is Us-actress Chrissy Metz again single

The American actress Chrissy Metz and Josh Stancil are from each other. The 37-year-old actress confirmed the marital breakdown Friday in The Wendy Williams Show, reports E! News.

Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz and Josh Stancil got to know each other on the set of the NBC series This is Us. Josh is part of the crew. This is Us, a comedydramaserie that goes over a bunch of people that have a lot in common with each other, it is in the Netherlands to see on Fox.

Chrissy Metz was, until recently, along with her friend Josh Stancil

On the question of Wendy Williams or the two together, replied Chrissy: “Currently I am with myself dating.” She comes to her ex also not on the set, because Josh is transferred to another show before their relationship ended. The two friends split up.

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