These two steal the show in Anyone Famous

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Everyone Famous has tonight two figures in which, from now on every Friday will arise. Maarten and Thomas Renders from Lier work out a bucketlist, full of remarkable assignments. They are identical twins, and Maarten already has nine years of Parkinson’s. He got diagnosed at 29, and that is remarkably early. He says in GVA that a lot of people ignorance about the disease. “I don’t know, staring at me in the streets. They think I’m drunk or drugs please. Classmates of my children are questioning themselves because I weird move. The medication slows down the disease. It is purely focused on fighting the symptoms. So I make no dopamine because the brain cells are affected. For the motor function, speech and facial expression your muscles have the incentives needed from the brain. Dopamine allows for the transmission of nerve impulses. If there is no dopamine is more, the muscles stiffen, they react slower or not.”

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