The scoundrel gets the fans behind him with raw rap about youth

a256a59295f13f10925de13947802f58 - The scoundrel gets the fans behind him with raw rap about youth

The scoundrel may by the mass on the side have been taken since January controversial statements did, with his video clip Sofiane he conquered once again the hearts of his fans. His clip, which he Friday released, on YouTube now for more than a half million times viewed.


The reason is easy to guess: the rap tells the raw story about his childhood and the struggle that a Thief had to survive. He claims to be few opportunities to have had to do well: his uncle, a loose hands, his father who was in jail, his mother who has a glass of drinking: ’Doomed to failure’. His youth was such as he himself sings: without hope, it was wrestling and fighting.

“I had no parents to say what was wrong”, raps he. Often he came in his puberjaren so also with justice in touch. The music proved to be his salvation. And so he finds it ’ quite clever if you make it and not break.’ His conclusion seems to be that which he begins and where he ends up. “Listen. Sure, you see the shit, but never see you in pain.” and: “Talk about me but you make anything with them.”


The personal drama of the now-successful rapper, controversial hit on by women that helped him for kechs, or whores, that seems to be the listeners, to convince. Fans write: “I had a really hard cry.” And someone who has let us know that they are Criminal does not know: “I’m really proud of what you have achieved, really respect. You have a great future for you.” It is the first time that a Villain so open. Or as one fan says: “In this 4 minute has he had more told than in all his interviews together.”

It is clear for the fans: the Scoundrel is back and how. Or that for the public at large is also true? Villain was after his statements by all sorts of festivals boycotted, but at the Noorderslag festival and he was allowed to be present and organised a live debate on his statements. There was the rapper for the first time, apologize for what he said. Nevertheless, he also never the ideal son-in-law to be. “I will continue to be a villain.”

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