The police, your best friend

203962d33511873c404b7b9cbaef7961 - The police, your best friend

LUDWIGSHAFEN – The police, your best friend. In the German Ludwigshafen this proved literally to be the case. A man walked to the police station with an urgent ask an agent: how do I make out with my girlfriend? The police woman had apparently have experience with it, because they gave the desperate man more tips.

The 34-year-old man told the agent that he wanted to make. He understood his friend, just no more’. The female agent took him aside and gave him a barrage of alternatives. What that exactly was, is not known. However, it is clear that he is really himself had.

“We are always willing to advise, but beyond that, we aren’t going. We help everyone and always have a listening ear for citizens with problems”, said a statement from the agency against DW.

Or the man the advice to heart has taken, it is not yet known.

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