The netherlands wants to ‘pedohandboek’ ban

6d63f63943c750e1d4d6a26e7188e14e - The netherlands wants to ‘pedohandboek’ ban

The Second Chamber in the Netherlands wants to be a ban on a ‘pedohandboek’, a manual of a thousand pages, which in detail describes how you unnoticed, children can abuse.

The handbook is not new, it is already ten years on the dark web. According to research from the Dutch channel RTL. The manual is actively being shared on some forums, but the possession or distribution is not punishable. Want political parties GroenLinks, CDA, PVV, ChristenUnie and the SP change in spend in the Second Chamber.

‘If you can only the summary reads walk the chills on your spine, ” says Madeleine van Toorenburg, Member of the Dutch parliament from the CDA to RTL. ‘This is really obnoxious and should be banned.’

The guide teaches pedophiles how they have the trust of children can win, how children can encourage to shut up and what beloningstechnieken work. ‘It is very, very focused on the pedoseksueel that children are evil want to do”, says Jan Hendriks, professor of forensic psychiatry at the Free University of Amsterdam to RTL.

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