The art of good life

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Looking for the way to happiness? Here you will find 52!

More than ever, we are looking for the formula for a good life. What makes us truly happy? It Is better to have accident try to avoid instead of to pursue happiness? We waste a lot of time and energy to the vast amount of choices we are daily presented. Wouldn’t it be better if we possibilities would limit, for example, by a simple decision like will always say no to a dessert?

To all these questions is not one simple answer to give, the world is simply too complicated. How can we still our life as pleasant as possible? Bestselling author Rolf Dobelli examines in his new book, The art of good living about these questions, and collects 52 insights that help us to be different, looking at the world. Dobelli offers a toolkit with games rules and behavioural changes us smarter and enable better decisions. At home and at work.

Your life, your rules, your happiness.

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