Spokesman Putin calls women who Harvey Weinstein blame “prostitutes”

6ac044879d4f775bb92f55d7a5dabc29 - Spokesman Putin calls women who Harvey Weinstein blame "prostitutes"

The actresses that director Harvey Weinstein accuse of sexual harassment are “prostitutes”. That has Dmitri Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, said.

Peskov told students in Moscow that the women, who according to him, the real stars are, “many things have done that do not correspond with the concepts of honor and dignity”. “They have hundreds of millions of dollars earned, and ten years later they say that Weinstein had made mistakes,” he said, according to radio station Echo.

“It is maybe an asshole, but none of them is to the police stepped! No, they wanted ten million dollars. What do you call a woman that a man sleeps for ten million dollars? A prostitute,” said Peskov. He responded so to the question of a journalist about Russian parliamentarian Leonid Sloetski, by female journalists accused of sexual abuse and most recently by a parliamentary committee was acquitted.

The allegations against Sloetski constitute the first well-publicised scandal about sexual abuse in Russia since the beginning of the #MeToo movement. That is the result of the revelations about Harvey Weinstein, which have led to accusations against a whole host of Hollywood and television. Also in Russia, several of the women with their story about sexual harassment to have come out while in the country, such accusations are often toned down or weggelachen.

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