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Sexy movie or still picture

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Good (short)movies and series on the tv that night. One begins the latest season of Morse prequel ‘Endeavour’, on BBC, you can go for the short filmpareltje ‘The Silent Child’.


Canvas 21.15 hours

Two times Jake Gyllenhaal for the price of one: he plays the main character and his doppelganger. Denis Villeneuve made a sexy, eerie film of a novel by José Saramago.


One 20.40 hours

This is already the fifth season about this pre-Inspector Morse-series. It is a whodunit in its most classic form. Early adopters pick their nose, but this is found eat for the fiction-nostalgics.


BBC 2 23 hours

Matt LeBlanc is one of the old Friends who managed to after that legendary nineties-sitcom career to build. Thanks to this good welcome series in which he is a parody of itself embodies. The fifth and also last season, tonight on BBC of start.


BBC 1, 20.40 hours

Libby is four years old. Her peers play and cheer in a loud and colorful world. But that world does not exist for Libby, who was born deaf. To them, a social worker gets to know that her through sign language learns to speak. A gem of a short film, directed by Chris Overton, this year awarded an Oscar.

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