Russia strikes back: again, dozens of diplomats away

87eccd2e2021f6c370e4975726fbe7d9 - Russia strikes back: again, dozens of diplomats away

MOSCOW – Russia Friday, dozens of diplomats expelled. The ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned representatives of 23 governments. They were told how many members of staff of diplomatic posts of the country should leave.

Russia announced Thursday that sixty American diplomats have to leave. A day later it was the turn of other countries, including the Netherlands, which earlier Russian diplomats have revealed. In total, today 59 diplomats away from Russia.

The Russians are also taking additional measures against Great Britain. Ambassador Laurie Bristow was told that the British diplomatic mission in the country within a month must be reduced to the size of its Russian counterpart in the United Kingdom. It is still unclear how many diplomats would be affected by the measure.

Russia be, recently, 23 British diplomats, because the same number of Russian colleagues to the United Kingdom had to leave. London decided to do so because of the zenuwgasaanval on Sergei Skripal and his daughter. Moscow denies there is anything to do with it.

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