Russia sends series of western diplomats back, ‘next provocation’ at Heathrow?

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Russia was Friday to Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland and other countries to know that they are diplomats need to recover from Russia. The Belgian ambassador is not yet summoned. Meanwhile, would the British or a Russian plane is searched.

Moscow demands after the European sanctions for the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, inter alia, that in London the number of employees at its Russian embassy and consulates reduces. It should be at the same height with the number of Russian diplomats in Britain, so says the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs. Great Britain had previously 23 Russian diplomats expelled.

In addition, forcing Moscow four diplomats to go back to Poland and the same number of German diplomats is again sent home. Also have three diplomats back to Lithuania, two to Italy and Spain and one to Ireland, Romania, Latvia, Finland and Sweden. Furthermore, the military attaché of Estonia road.

Also ambassadors summoned

Earlier in the day was also already announced that Russia two Dutch diplomats reveal. It is a Russian response after that countries have an equally large penalty were issued against diplomats from Russia.

According to a statement from the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs were also the ambassadors of Australia, Albania, Denmark, Canada, Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Ukraine, France, Croatia and the Czech republic at the embassy had been summoned to an explanation of the Russian measures.

The French ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Moscow four French diplomats indicated after Paris earlier four Russian diplomats walk had sent.

Belgium escapes (for now)

The Belgian ambassador is not yet summoned to the Russian embassy. The Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that Russia ‘reserves the right’ to retaliate against, against Belgium, Hungary, Georgia and Montenegro. Since Belgium is one Russian diplomat sending it, it would be possible also a Belgian diplomat, Russia will have to leave.

Thursday it was also announced that the American consulate in St. Petersburg is close. There were also sixty American diplomats was shown the door.

The current diplomatenoorlog is a result of the poisoning of the Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal, on Sunday 4 march in the Uk Salisbury. The British government is to blame for the attack on Moscow was put in and then this week almost thirty countries announced that they were all together, more than 140 Russian diplomats the country off.

Moscow continues to deny anything to do with the poisoning of Skripal.

Russian plane searched at Heathrow?

Meanwhile, report Russian media on the basis of an anonymous source that the British police forces in a plane of the Russian company Aeroflot searched would have on Heathrow. The British ministry of Foreign Affairs just wanted to confirm that agents a plane had to enter the airport.

‘This is the next provocation’, said the spokesman of the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs already.

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