Russia checks of shopping centres after fire

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MOSCOW – The Russian authorities of all shopping malls in the country to check on fire safety. That made attorney-general, Yuri Tsjajka known in the aftermath of the deadly fire in Kemerovo, message, news agency TASS.

Fire Kemerevo

“I have ordered all the shopping malls in Russia to be inspected, regardless of the size,” said Tsjajka according to TASS. “The office of the attorney general will employees send to the cities, where the situation is the worst action to align. I expect this to work within a month is behind us.”

By the fire in a shopping mall in the Siberian city of Kemerovo were certainly 64 people were killed, among whom many children. President Vladimir Putin promised the angry residents that those responsible for what he called “criminal negligence” called, strictly will be punished.

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