Roddeloverzicht: Gordon (g)a liar, and those who bite Beyoncé?

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The book of Gordon contains nothing but lies, hobby farm with André Hazes in the house and who bite Beyoncé? An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Lies, intrigue, and dramatic twists and turns. Cheating, violence, and betrayal. No, we’re not talking about an average episode of The Bold and the Beautiful or Good Times, Bad Times. We have about the life of Gordon. The singer has the media always been able to enthrall you with its fascinating stories, but his biography is promised really is a revelation.

Gerard Joling is a narcissist, John Ewbank withdrew with Gordon and Marc van der Linden is the worst person he ever had in his life has met. There were quite a few well-known names passed in the tell all of Gordon and no one was spared. Of course, it was not long before the first lawsuits were filed.

Where John chose only to distance themselves from the story, and Gerard was in doubt if he is still with Gordon to go wild, got Erik the Black to the court for a rectification. Also Gordon’s sister Lydia was furious and wanted that certain passages from the book would be adapted. Finally, it was never a case without a judge there has led to come were some phrases altered, and everything seemed good.

Lydia could be satisfied, Gordons brother Johny remained desolate. Gordon makes him, in his book multiple times for the thief, says that Johny also sexually abused and that he is the car that Gordon for their mother bought in the mash has ridden.

Gordon is a liar and must be hard to be addressed, urged Johny in Private. “If everyone look up – the Toppers, Gerard Joling, John Ewbank and all of a lawsuit brought. Then it disappears the book by itself from the market.”

Not only lies to Gordon about everything with his brother, also his story about a suicide attempt is true, nothing, insured Johny us in the interview. “It was pure aandachttrekkerij, suicide was not the case.” The sleeping pills where Gordon a whole pot, it would only vitamin pills, says Johny. “He was not transported by an ambulance, what he claims, because that’s where I was at. There is absolutely no one in. In fact, I said to him: ‘Well, I hang you over the railing, drop I you out.” It was a cry for attention.”

A rectification, money, and excuses of his brother: Johny wanted it all up in the court on 3 april. A whole step, to the right, said Johny all, and so it is no surprise that the whole thing is a few days ahead still it is abandoned.

Because yes, Gordon has all of those things than said, and yes, Johnny was angry. But in the end family is more important than that. The two are there with the help of sister Marja was released. Gordon is relieved. “I am happy that I have my brother back.”

House, tree, animal

That it is enjoyable for André Hazes and Monique Westenberg, we knew thanks to the reality show of the bunch actually. Well, there is, here and there some argument made, but it is clear that the two love each other and that’s the whole point.

Friends and family walk in and out, André jr. kakelt the fun through them and the two dogs to make it complete. This week we discovered that dogs the whole, truly complete: if the about the animals is they are everywhere. Yes, everywhere.

Hondenhouders know it: you can’t step or Spike/Scallywag/Benno is also there. The bank, the bathroom and the kitchen: if the dog starts. Also the bedroom is for many dogs favorite, and it is but just to the owner where the animal is or is not desired.

Monique has her dog Dunya for over fourteen years and do prefer to do everything with the pitbull. When the dog is two years ago a tumor was discovered in her head and since then, the band with Monique even became closer. “She’s my best friend, my love, my therapist, she is always my everything.”

Dunya sleep also just fun with Monique and Andre in bed and is truly everywhere. “Dunya is located in the middle. That André is a little less, haha! If we’re going to the sexes, we slide her out of the way. Then we push her back. She looks not even more to. Hear it not, haha.”

Where Dunya the bed at all times to share with Monique and André, their other dog Gioia really just the room output if the couple is intimate. “That other, in contrast, really the room. That goes with her nose behind us smell!”


Who bite Beyoncé? It keeps the entertainment business since this week is busy. ‘Queen Bey’ was, according to comediènne Tiffany Haddish in her face bitten during an after party of a concert of her husband Jay-Z. But who did that, ” she said.

“Beyoncé stormed away. She ran to Jay-Z and told him what had happened. A well-known Beyoncé walked over and said, ” Can you believe that bitch Beyoncé has bitten?'”, according to Tiffany this week in conversation with the American magazine GQ.

And since then, the entertainment obsessed: who had such a pull that the cheeks of Beyoncé, literally, to eat crappy?

It is clear that Beyoncé, the actress knows well: after the incident offered Tiffany to learn a lesson to one that her teeth in the face of the singer, but Beyoncé did not. “They said, ‘Tiffany, do that but not. She has drugs on. She is not even drunk. Behaving the way they are normally not’.”

The guest list was consulted and it was clear: there were only two options. Or Sara Foster (90210) or Sanaa Lathan (Alien vs Predator). Sarah felt honoured that someone is in the assumption that she was so close could come at the singer and also Sanaa denied immediately.

Yet, the presumptions that Sanaa it was still there. Tiffany would during a gig once hints have been given about the incident and have said that the actress is that her teeth in the singer put it, once had a relationship with rapper French Montana. And let there’s just a lot of rumours have done that the rapper for a while had something with Sanaa.

Currently, no-one excluded, but the redeeming word, we will of Beyoncé in any case never heard. She has in all that time never said anything about the incident. Will the guilty party please self to emerge? Many thanks.

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