Robben is training, according to Bayern trainer Heynckes as a 25-year-old

649b3ed667824a8bcfa21b9290bc7c22 - Robben is training, according to Bayern trainer Heynckes as a 25-year-old

The wear is still not there on Arjen Robben. According to his coach Jupp Heynckes it is hardly to find that the years start counting at the Dutch attacker of Bayern Munich.

“Arjen trains as a 25-year-old”, says Heynckes Friday at his press conference for the possible championship swim meet against rival Borussia Dortmund.

The 34-year-old Robben returns Saturday, most likely back in the team of the ‘Rekordmeister’, after his last two duels had to watch because of a trapped nerve. He resumed earlier this week, the training of the reigning champion.

Also Robbens peer Franck Ribéry is according to Heynckes not to see that he is already aged. “He was now so eagerly, and present that you almost had to catch.”

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For both wingers is that they have in the last months of their contract to sit, and still don’t know how their future looks like. Bayern wants to pass in april at the table with the experienced duo.

Until that time, they play an important role in the Bundesliga-leader, says Heynckes. “The fans are crazy about them and they know with their experience what is in the decisive phase of the season.”

To know the Groninger whether or not he any longer stay with Bayern down. “I am now myself trying to figure out exactly what I want, but I have the button about that still not decided.”

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Bayern will receive Saturday at 18: 30 Dortmund in the Allianz Arena. As a neighbor, he was Schalke 04 earlier in the day points forfeit against SC Freiburg, is enough of a victory for the sixth championship in a row. Arturo Vidal and Juan Bernat have the duel miss due to injuries.

Robben arrived in the summer of 2009, in Munich. The attacker won since then, including six league titles, four national cups, the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the world cup for clubs.

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