Remarkable call Tottenham-trainer

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Mauricio Pochettino feels that the supporters are midfielder Dele Alli a lot more to support. And then the Tottenham Hotspur manager was silly enough not only about the fans of his own club.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino.

“At every away game the fans of the home team on him,” said the Argentine coach, who knows the footballer is the last half year, not popular with his schwalbes.

Pochettino did in interview with The Guardian, therefore, a remarkable call. “It is time to stop that jeering. They should try to help him, because I think that Part is also an important player for the English national team. And not only for Tottenham. He doesn’t have presents to get, but it would be good to help him, because he is a great talent.”

“Dele Alli have no gifts to get, but it would be good to help him, because he is a great talent.”

Pochettino will find that Alli this season under his able to play, but the coach has full understanding for.

“The problem is that over the last two years, really very good. This season, expectations were high, but sometimes we expect just too much from a newly 21-year-old boy. Certainly if you compare it with ‘normal’ boys of that age. Who often live at home with their parents and are at school, where they all kinds of stupid things to do. Sometimes we forget the age, and we treat young boys as if they were forty men. But Dele is still but a child. He may not always perform as people expect of him.”

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