Refugee journalist victim attack

22895b650febd22777910d17b3a9b543 - Refugee journalist victim attack

TOULOUSE – A journalist of Azerbaijani origin, and his wife on Friday in a suburb of Toulouse by a gunman taken under fire. The journalist Rahim Namazov, survived the attack despite severe injuries, his wife came according to the police.

Namazov lived in the South of France in exile. The mayor of the suburb of Colomiers takes into account a politically motivated attack. “Rahim Namazov is a journalist who was tortured and imprisoned in his own country as a political refugee in France lived,” said Karine Michelet-Traval against the newspaper La Dépêche. “You think, of course, to retaliation.”

The journalist fled in 2010 from Azerbaijan to France. In that year, he said in a video on YouTube that he was imprisoned because he articles had been written about ill-treatment in the armed forces of Azerbaijan.

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