Re setback for paralysed triathlete Marc Herremans

Re setback for paralysed triathlete Marc Herremans

Marc Herremans and wanted to keep warm with a warmwaterkruik when he fought against a flu and lung infection, but that went completely wrong. The jug was apparently worn out and is detonated. The boiling hot water caused second and third degree brandwonderen over the body of Marc Herremans. The wounds were so deep that there is a skin graft was needed. But that was not all…

The rolstoelatleet ran during his stay in the hospital also have an infection with a hospital bug. As a nurse said: “most people are here or for the flu, or for burns, or for an infection. You’ve got it all,” noted The Newspaper.

Still, Marc Herremans as always, optimistic. Even this new setback, he manages to put everything in perspective because “there are always worse things,” said Marc Herremans in The Newspaper. Give up does he never, also all seem to be setbacks in the meantime the red thread in his life has become.

About two weeks Marc Herremans again to the hospital for a check, but for the time being, he is especially glad that he after a month in the hospital to stay at home with his children.

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