Police find body of young Hollywoodactrice in shallow grave

e8b9a8df565004a117adefb4ad144382 - Police find body of young Hollywoodactrice in shallow grave

The Los Angeles police department has the lifeless body of actress Adae Shabani (25) is found. The up-and-coming talent, that a month was missing, was found in a shallow grave, in the north of California.

The police says that the Hollywoodactrice is murdered and designates her friend, Christopher Spotz, as the prime suspect. Shabani was last seen on February 23, at her apartment in LA. Not much later, left the set together to California. Allegedly the two, however, a quarrel, after which Spotz his girlfriend would have left on the highway.

The family of Shabani put then a search on the rope, but unfortunately in vain: there were no useful tips within. Monday was finally in a shallow grave in a nature reserve in California, the body of the young actress found. On the basis of her tattoos could be determined that it was going to be Adae Shabani. The actress would, according to the police already at least a month died.

Spotz, who was engaged to another woman, is seen as a prime suspect in the case. The man, however, will not be behind the bars disappear. Last week Thursday, after a long politieachtervolging of almost one hundred kilometers away, robbed Spotz himself of life. The actor shot himself in the body, and then he died.

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