Pink cancelt show due to severe flu

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Through social media, has Pink her fans to know that they are her show on Friday, unfortunately, have to cancel. The reason for this is that the entire family has been felled by a persistent flu.


“I think it’s terrible to say this, but the show is postponed. I’ll definitely be back to for you to act and I am grateful that you want to be. Our whole family is struggling for two weeks with the flu and it just won’t go. Shows delay is not awesome, but I have done everything to prevent that from happening,” writes Pink.

“My husband Carey is of his work sent home, because he was sick and the kids and I have the virus a little longer among the members. I wish everyone who also has the flu, a lot of improvement.”

At the beginning of march kicked off the Grammy-winner and her Beautiful Trauma-tour, with her last solo album hear.

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