Piet Paulusma never had excessive interest in the weather

Piet Paulusma had never used excessive interest in the weather.

“Not for clouds or to the moon,” says the 61-year-old weatherman at Dragonfly. “In high school I took it for the test paper geography about high – and low-pressure a 4.”

Paulusma, who since 1996 for SBS6 works, do not know exactly where his interest in weather came from. “Maybe I came on the idea by advertising for a Teleac-course in meteorology. In any case, I am when the e-mail version will follow, alongside my job as a manager at KPN Telecom.”

The weatherman says “never weerziek”. “I love the heat, the sun, delicious to let sit in the garden with a beer, but my mood is not determined by the color of the sky. I enjoy it every day, of the smallest things.”



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