Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka marry under prenuptial agreement

62ab7f9731165c5289bbbe6f09268009 - Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka marry under prenuptial agreement

Socialite Paris Hilton and actor Chris Zylka go later this year to get married and will do this under the prenuptial agreement.

That confirms the torque to entertainmentsite TMZ.

“I am a decent man who was a wealthy and successful businesswoman about to marry, but I would not be decent if you have a marriage contract in the first place, not brought up,” said the 32-year-old Zylka. “But this information could actually be kept private.”

According to Hilton remain the two “together forever”, which they are sure indicates that the prenuptial agreement is not needed.

The 37-year-old socialite has a rated power of 1.3 billion euros. That of Leftovers-actor Zylka is not known, but this will be significantly less than that of his future wife.

He asked Hilton at the beginning of this year during a skiing holiday in Aspen to marriage, with a ring that allegedly about 2 million dollars worth. Hilton said earlier, still no idea when exactly they are going to marry. “It’s going to be this year yet to happen.”

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