Open-heart surgery for Arnold Schwarzenegger after complications

b1559b151bf13bfa78df5f81cd5a5133 - Open-heart surgery for Arnold Schwarzenegger after complications

Arnold Schwarzenegger (70) is Thursday rushed to the hospital in the hospital Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, where he had open-heart surgery has undergone. This is reported in TMZ, on the basis of sources.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger came to the hospital for a valve of a catheter to be replaced. According to TMZ, this operation is somewhat experimental and there were complications. Doctors kept into account the possibility that the replacement of the katheterafsluiting would not succeed and decided quickly that he had open-heart surgery was needed. That took a few hours to complete. His situation is stable.

It is the second time that Schwarzenegger to his heart surgery. In 1997 an aortic valve replaced. That’s when arsten that this is not necessarily needed, but Arnold decided to do it because he was still young. The former champion bodybuilding also said that the disorder is innate was and had nothing to do with anabolic steroids.

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