New movie Hugh Jackman finally blockbuster.

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The Greatest Showman is now officially a blockbuster. The biopic about the circus guy PT Barnum, with Hugh Jackman in the lead role has the border of 400 million dollars passed, reports Deadline.

The hollywood musical film, based has be there a bit longer than normal. The Greatest Showman was released in the United States around Christmas. There was a lot of competition from the Star Wars blockbuster The Last Jedi, and Jumanji. The film has little by little success in the cinemas odds and now looks around the world one of the most popular musicalfilms from the history.

Only Beauty and the Beast, Mamma Mia!, La La Land, and Les Misérables defeat The Greatest Showman tentative when it comes to international sales.

The Greatest Showman in the three major film markets to do good. So is the United States of america for sales of over 171 million dollars. The United Kingdom accounted for 55 million, and Japan contributed 35 million, according to Deadline.

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