NEC coach ferocious: ‘We give the so way’

2fa951b3b3d0ff3c4cfa1b2479a5d8aa - NEC coach ferocious: 'We give the so way'

NEC wasted Friday night took the lead in the Jupiler League, with 3-2 of FC Eindhoven to lose.

Pippin line managers frustrated in the Eindhoven rain.

“We give it away. Two goals while we own a corner kick, that’s it,” snorted coach Pippin line managers after the end opposite the camera of Fox Sports.

“If you’re on the way of goals against, you can play football what it is you want. But the matches will be decided in the sixteen. One time is not good in the counter attack if we have a corner, that is one thing. But then again, it can, of course, not at all.”


NEC is waiting for Easter Monday’s home game against the top teams Telstar, “only” seven points behind in the Nijmegenaren. “Today it is not decided”, says line managers. “But this match against FC Eindhoven was a very important one.”

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