’Napoli goes back on the deal in mid-January with following his departure to chelsea’

According to sources in Italy, Amin Younes and SSC Napoli in mid-January, a five-year contract agreed, that on July 1, 2018 would go down. Since then, it is decided that the transfer to expedite, it was agreed that commitment to tear up, and Younes a (1 January inbound) new contract to be signed

Amin Younes

Because Younes promotes from Naples left and refused to sign, would the old document never the shredder went and would Napoli now obviously nothing to go on.

It explains why the club did and Younes do not find that there is a valid agreement. Nicola Innocentin confirms this reading when prompted. The Germany-based Italian agent will not substantively respond.

Read the entire reconstruction in the soap around Amin Younes in the premium edition of The Telegraaf/Telesport on Friday 30 march.

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