More than 1,400 victims in Palestinian protest

b14cad211c5d98849bcf68c43c013b69 - More than 1,400 victims in Palestinian protest

GAZA UPDATE – At the mass protests at the border between Israel and the Gaza strip on Friday, at least fourteen Palestinians have been killed. The number of wounded according to the Palestinians has risen to 1,400 people.

During the demonstrations in the framework of the ’march of return’ was the number of victims gradually. The dead are all young men between eighteen and thirty years. Two men from a tank shot.

The radical islamic Hamas wants to use the action “march of the return” the “right of return” for Palestinian refugees and their descendants in what is now Israel. Israel rejects a return to their own territory.


Israeli soldiers shot aimed at troublemakers, such as the army on Friday also announced. Protesters threw burning tires, molotov cocktails and stones at the soldiers. There were also photos of the Us president, Donald Trump fired; Trump approved december last year unilaterally Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and raised it the anger of the Palestinians.

According to reports in the Palestinian media, more than 30,000 people to the protest.

Also, the Israeli army said about 30,000 participants in the protests at five different places along the 65-kilometer-long border. The israelis were also reported a seven year old girl that is about the security fence to Israel was withdrawn. The child with the parents are reduced. At the fence along the border with Gaza, there are one hundred sharpshooters positioned.

“Anyone who approaches it, risking his life,” warned the Israeli Defence minister Avigdor Lieberman in Arabic on his twitter account. Witnesses reported the deployment of tear gas grenades, fired from a drone.

The protests would last until may 15. The Palestinians celebrate may 15 as the Day of the Catastrophe because of some 700,000 Palestinians fled or been displaced during the first war in the Middle East in 1948.

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