More sanctions: North Korean ships on the black list

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NEW YORK – The sanctiecommissie about North Korea from the UN security council has 21 shipping companies, 27 vessels and a Taiwanese man on the black list. The measures according to the United States referred to the smokkelactiviteiten of North Korea to fight. The isolated country would try illegal oil to get coal to sell.

The American UN ambassador Nikki Haley responded elated at the decision. “The approval of this historical sanctions is a clear sign that the international community be united in our attempts maximum pressure on the North Korean regime,” said the diplomat in a statement.

The measures fifteen ships from North Korea, and twelve vessels from other countries. Those ships should now be barred from the ports. The Taiwanese man is accused of coordinating the export of North Korean coal with a agent out of North Korea. The Taiwanese would already have been involved in evading sanctions.

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